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Virtual Skipper 5 Free Download Cracked




The game features "The World's Tallest Free For All Sailing", the first of many challenges to be added in the future. This year we have added a shoreline for your yacht to race on as well as a new lighting system which will shine a new light on this year's big boat racing event! We have created a variety of new challenges including the World's Tallest Free For All Sailing, the Fastest Boat Challenge, the Tallest Upwind, the Tallest Downwind, the Longest Leeward Chase and the Winner's Bracket. Each of these challenges have a separate stand-alone difficulty level for a number of different boat sizes. We have also introduced an exciting new boat handling system. The ability to correct and make corrections to yachts in the water whilst racing is a feature you will not have experienced before, and we are confident it will be embraced by the sailing community. Additional features include: Four different sea states to select from to challenge yachts in different conditions Complete list of your boat's performance and handling characteristics New visualization system to create a more realistic feeling of your boat in the water Virtual reality support for full immersion Create and share custom videos of your boat's performance Added option to eliminate your boat's wake with adjustable wake components Added environmental wind effects and changes to wind strength throughout the day Added Sail Style to allow owners to personalize their boats with unique sails Added Race and Race View to analyze your performance and success Added Spectator mode to let users watch races and analyze performance Added Party mode for times when friends want to play together Added "World's Tallest Free For All Sailing" in New York, USA and San Francisco, USA Added "Fastest Boat Challenge" in Helsinki, Finland Added "Tallest Upwind" in Tallinn, Estonia Added "Tallest Downwind" in Cape Town, South Africa Added "Longest Leeward Chase" in Hong Kong, China Added "Winner's Bracket" in Helsinki, Finland Added three new boats Optimized the control map for the new boats and boat handling system Optimized the yachting dynamics Optimized the graphics Added new names for the boats: "Spindrift", "Soar", "Yasama" and "Canvas" For




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Virtual Skipper 5 Free Download Cracked

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